Chocolate Birthday Gift Packages Your Stressed Wife Is Sure To Love

29 June 2016
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This year, for your wife's birthday, why not gift her with something that will help her get rid of some stress while revitalizing her body and mind? She's sure to appreciate the opportunity to forget about all of the household chores, work tasks, kids' problems, and financial responsibilities that tend to fill her plate on a daily basis. Consider buying your loved one some delicious gourmet chocolates online, such as from websites like, and create a gift package using one or more of the following ideas:

Drive-in Movie Night

Plan a drive-in movie night with your wife so you can both relax and enjoy each others' company without having to worry about household chores, kids, or other life stresses. Your wife can unwind and enjoy her gift package while taking the opportunity to bond with you. Buy a small cooler and fill it with snacks, champagne, and strawberries. Put the box of chocolates right next to the strawberries on top, close the cooler, and attach your drive-in tickets to the lid. You can both spend the first half of the movie eating dinner and the last half of the movie feeding chocolates and berries to each other on a picnic blanket near your vehicle.

A Spa Day at Home

Make your wife feel like a queen for the day by putting together a spa day at home for her birthday. Create a relaxing environment in your bedroom by putting a small tabletop waterfall on a dresser and incorporating a few houseplants in the room. Light some incense and put some relaxing music on to set the mood. Set your bed up as a massage table by placing a silk sheet over the top and laying a couple of towels along the bottom. Put a variety of massage oils on the side table, and leave the chocolates on a pillow for your wife to enjoy while you massage her. The idea is to make her feel like she's spending time in a luxurious spa for the day without any household interruptions or problems to face.

A Chocolate Tasting Party

Another fun way to help your wife celebrate her birthday and let go of some stress is to plan a chocolate tasting party for her and her girlfriends. Order a few different varieties of gourmet chocolates for the event and fill up your fridge with various beverages that go well with chocolate. Put together a box of party games and magazines that your wife and her guests can enjoy throughout the festivities. The day of the party, put a table runner down the middle of your dining room table, set out all of the chocolates and some small paper plates, decorate the space with balloons, flowers, and banners, and then head out with everyone else in your household so your wife can have the place to herself for her celebration.

These gift package ideas should be easy to put together and are sure to perk your wife up on her birthday while helping her get rid of some pent up stress.