Menu List For An Authentic German Luncheon

4 January 2017
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If you're planning on throwing a luncheon, and want to serve authentic German food, then it's important to serve more than just hamburgers, potato salad and sauerkraut out of the can. That is not at all authentic. However, you have easy access to many authentic German style foods in most areas. Below is a list of what you should get.

Kartoffelbrot (Potato Bread)

This is a classic potato bread that is used for sandwiches such as butterbrot. You can also use cold cut sandwiches, or with the cheeses. If you can't find authentic Kartoffelbrot, then just get a regular potato bread.

Kaiser Rolls

These rolls are an institution in Germany. The exterior of the roll is hard and crusty, while the interior of the roll is soft and fluffy. Interestingly, in Austria, the rolls are used as a breakfast item. The rolls will be covered in soft butter and jam. However, in Germany, you will find them used as sandwiches, filled with Leberkäse (liver cheese) which is a cold cut you can find in German delis. It is served with gherkins and mustard.

Bratwurst, Leberkäse, Extrawurst

You also want to have an array of meats. Bratwurst is one of the famous sausage styles. The other two (Leberkäse and Extrawurst) are cold cuts you can find in a gourmet deli.


This is a spicy German mustard. If you can't find Mittelscharf, then just choose a brown, spicy mustard. You don't want to use a plain yellow mustard, or a sweet honey mustard.


This is an infamous cheese, mostly due to the incredibly powerful smell. However, it is very popular in Germany. It is spread on bread and served with beer. If you find that it is a bit too smelly, then keep it in a glass covered container when you take it out to serve it. You don't want to serve it cold, so leave the container out on the table so that it gets room temperature.

Fermented Sauerkraut

The sauerkraut that you get in a can is soggy, soaked in vinegar, and resembles nothing close to the original sauerkraut that you find in Germany. The authentic German sauerkraut is fermented. It is made by covering cabbage is salt. This then starts process of lacto-fermentation which gives the sauerkraut its distinctive flavor. It remains crispy, with a much better texture than the stuff you find in cans.

Pilsner Beer

The classic beer of Germany is a Pilsner. You can get domestic made Pilsner beer, or imported German beer. The style is what is important. You don't want to serve a dark Irish Stout, or a fruity Belgian beer. Choose a Pilsner that has a nice flavor.

Riesling Wine

Some people don't like beer, so you should offer them a wine. Riesling is one of the popular styles of white wines of Germany. You can get mildly sweet, or dry Riesling. You should probably stay away from the too sweet styles because those won't work well with meats and cheeses.

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