Coffee K-Cup Pod Gift Ideas

12 May 2017
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If your friend or family member is a coffee lover, treat her to a gift inspired by her favorite beverage. For a present that won't break your budget, consider treating the recipient to Green Mountain brand K-Cup pods, which will work in a Keurig coffee maker. If you're not sure what flavor or type of coffee she prefers, you can't go wrong with a smooth, lively breakfast blend made with 100-percent Arabica beans.

K-Cup pods will make ideal gifts for any occasion, such as a birthday or holiday celebration, a bridal shower, a wedding reception or a housewarming party. Make the gift even more special and personalized by creating a basket filled with complementing treats. You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a one-of-a-kind gift basket. Choose a durable wicker basket that the recipient can reuse in her home.

Here are some Green Mountain K-Cup gift basket ideas: 

1. Coffee and a Mug

Treat a friend to a sweet gift set featuring a customized mug and the coffee K-Cups, so she'll have everything she needs to start her morning off right. When choosing the perfect mug, consider the recipient's hobbies and passions, such as golfing, tennis, cats or horses.

You can also have the mug personalized online to feature her name or monogram, her pet's picture and name, or a special message, such as a favorite quote, saying or poem. Place the mug in the center of a small basket and surround it with the coffee K-Cups as an attractive presentation. 

2. Gourmet Coffee Basket

In addition to the breakfast blend K-Cups, fill a gift basket with gourmet goodies that the recipient can use to enhance her cup of coffee. Include sweet treats such as chocolate-, hazelnut- and vanilla-flavored syrups, as well as caramel sauce. You can also throw in some flavored powders and a jar of high-quality cinnamon.

Complete the gift basket with a selection of treats your friend or loved one can enjoy with the customized coffee. Some ideas include biscotti, scones, homemade muffins and cookies.

3. Chocolate and Coffee Basket 

If the recipient is also crazy about chocolate, fill the basket with her two favorite indulgences. Start with several Green Mountain K-Cup pods, and add in gourmet chocolate candy bars, homemade fudge and dark chocolate brownies, chocolate muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

You can also include a good-quality cocoa powder so she can make mocha coffee drinks.