3 Ways Unique Yet Tasty Ways To Utilize Dark Balsamic Vinegar In The Kitchen

16 May 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If you're like most people, you likely use balsamic vinegar for things like flavoring meats and finishing sauces. But there are lots of other ways to utilize dark balsamic vinegar in the kitchen that will keep your meals fresh and exciting. Here are three unique options to consider trying today:

Add it to Your Ice Cream

Add some extra depth and texture to your favorite ice creams with dark balsamic vinegar, and you may never be able to eat ice cream plain again. Putting a few drops of dark, sweet balsamic vinegar on your vanilla ice cream will give it a rich and savory flavor that complements the vanilla bean nicely. When added to chocolate or neapolitan ice cream, dark balsamic vinegar creates a gooey treat that's hard to resist. Try using balsamic vinegar in place of chocolate or caramel syrup next time you whip up a sundae to enjoy.

Mix it Into Pancake Syrup

Make your pancake syrup a little more delectable by mixing a teaspoon of dark balsamic vinegar into half a cup of our favorite syrup before pouring it onto your pancakes. Alternatively, you can pour a teaspoon of the vinegar directly onto your pancakes after they've been drenched with sweet syrup. The balsamic vinegar will make your syrup a little less sweet and a little more savory, while adding a hint of berry flavor to the mix. Dark balsamic vinegar can be used with traditional maple and modern flavored syrups with positive results.

Make a Quick Spanish Dressing

By mixing together 2 tablespoons each of dark balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, and PEAK OLIVE OIL then flavoring the mixture with a little cumin and garlic, you'll have a tasty Spanish dressing on your hands that tastes great on everything from burritos and enchiladas to taco salads and rice side dishes. Add some beans and corn to your salad and top it with this dressing for a quick and flavorful meal that's full of protein. Consider making large batches to keep on hand in the fridge so it's easy to put together a meal when you're busy – it should last in the fridge for at least a week before it needs to be replaced with a new batch.

These are just a few of the awesome ways you can use dark balsamic vinegar in your kitchen. Make a running list of your own ideas and enjoy trying new things at meal time!