Decorating And Dining: Practical And Pretty Ways To Use Olive Wood Bowls In Your Kitchen Or Dining Room

3 November 2021
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If you are looking for an easy way to dress up your dining room or kitchen, olive wood bowls are up to the task. Olive wood bowls are a perfect match for any design style and will look equally at home in either a rustic or modern kitchen. They are easy to clean and durable, which makes them a great choice for serving food or displaying decorative items.

Create a centerpiece

Use olive wood bowls to create decorative centerpieces for your dining room or kitchen table to celebrate any season or holiday. They are versatile and look just as good in a modern home as they do in a farmhouse home. Adding a few creative accents will highlight the natural wooden beauty of the bowl.

For instance, fill an olive wood bowl with fresh or faux colorful leaves for an attractive autumn centerpiece. Celebrate spring or summer by filling an olive wood bowl with fresh or wax fruit to display as a table centerpiece. An olive wood bowl filled with holiday candies and glass ball ornaments will also make a delightful addition to any winter holiday table.

Add charm to an island bar

Arrange a grouping of olive wood bowls on an island bar for keeping essential staples within easy reach. Next to an electric kettle, they can hold individual coffee cups, creamer, sugar, hot chocolate packets, or tea bags to create your own coffee, tea, or hot chocolate bar.

They are also an attractive storage option for displaying candies or snacks in individual packets to serve when guests arrive or to hold after-school snacks for the kids. Smaller olive wood bowls are an attractive container for holding keys, jewelry, and other daily necessities in order to keep them organized.

Serving suggestions

Add a touch of earthy charm to your next dinner party by serving fresh-baked rolls or muffins in an olive wood bowl. Olive wood bowls are a perfect contrast to white dinnerware and will provide a pleasing neutral tone to a table setting with floral or patterned dinnerware.

Add a crisp white fabric liner to an olive wood bowl for a touch of elegance in a Victorian or cottage-themed kitchen. If rustic or country is your decorating theme, choose a burlap or plain linen liner.

If your kitchen or dining room table needs a little something to dress it up, olive wood bowls can make a difference. Whether used as a decorative centerpiece on the table or to serve food, olive wood bowls are a nice addition to any kitchen or dining room. Contact a local supplier, such as Ruccello Olive Oil, to learn more.