What Are Halal Burgers? A Basic Guide

13 February 2023
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If you're walking down the street and you see a sign advertising halal burgers, you might wonder what the sign means. What are halal burgers, and what sets them apart from any other burger a restaurant might offer? As there are quite a few halal burger restaurants in some areas, it makes sense that you'd be curious. Here's a look at the basics of halal burgers.

What is halal?

Halal is not a type of meat or an alternative to beef, as some people might assume. Instead, the term "halal" means that a food is "permissible." This term is used in the Islamic faith. So, in other words, something that is halal is permissible for people who adhere to the Islamic faith to eat. A halal burger, then, is a burger that is permissible for someone of the Islamic faith to eat. 

Who decides if a burger is halal?

If a burger restaurant is advertising its burgers as "halal," then they have probably been certified to be halal by one of several certifying agencies. These agencies look into the ways in which foods are sourced, manufactured, and shipped. They assess the potential for contamination, mistreatment of workers, and so forth. If every step of the process meets their standards, then the food -- in this case, burgers -- can be certified halal.

Can you eat halal burgers if you don't belong to the Islamic faith?

Absolutely! While a lot of people who eat at halal restaurants are Muslim, you do not have to belong to any specific religion to dine at these restaurants. They welcome people of all faiths and cultures. In fact, many people who are not Muslim enjoy eating at halal burger restaurants because it assures them of the quality of the beef. If you want to eat beef that has been raised and prepared as humanely as possible, eating halal beef can be one way to go about that.

What do halal burgers taste like?

The beef tends to be of high quality, so these burgers tend to be quite delicious.  Beyond meat quality, they are basically like any other burger. The exact size and thickness of the burger will depend on the restaurant, as will the buns and toppings used.

Hopefully this article has explained the basics of halal and halal burgers well. The next time you see them advertised, you might be tempted to stop in for a meal.