How To Help Improve The Health And Wellness Of Your Body And Mind

29 April 2018
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Keeping yourself healthy and happy comes from more than just eating a balanced diet and exercising. There are many factors in today's world that can adversely affect your health and slowly decrease your immunity and your body's ability to deal with stress. Here are some tips to help you improve the health and wellness of your body and your mind. Take an Enzyme Supplement Enzymes are an important part of your body being able to run and digest food efficiently, and your environment and health can contribute to your body's loss of enzymes. Read More 

Three Sauternes Wine Cocktails For A Crowd

11 May 2017
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Sauternes is a French wine named after the region in which it is produced. Made from sauvignon blanc, muscadelle, and semllion grapes that have become partially dehydrated on the vine, it's known for its intense sweetness and is therefore often served as a dessert wine. Enjoying an entire, 5-ounce glass of Sauternes can be a bit overwhelming due to the sweetness, but crafting a cocktail with this wine allows you to enjoy its flavor without so much intensity. Read More 

Menu List For An Authentic German Luncheon

4 January 2017
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If you're planning on throwing a luncheon, and want to serve authentic German food, then it's important to serve more than just hamburgers, potato salad and sauerkraut out of the can. That is not at all authentic. However, you have easy access to many authentic German style foods in most areas. Below is a list of what you should get. Kartoffelbrot (Potato Bread) This is a classic potato bread that is used for sandwiches such as butterbrot. Read More