Cool Tips And Tricks To Make Brewing With K-Cups Even Better

25 March 2022
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K-cup brewers have made making coffee so much more convenient. With k-cups, you can brew one cup at a time. You can keep all of your coffee fresh since each cup is individually contained. And you can keep several kinds of coffee on-hand at once without your pantry overflowing with big bags. But did you know that there are some tips and tricks you can employ to make brewing with k-cups even better? Check them out below.

Make Weaker Coffee by “Brewing” Again with Plain Water

Most k-cup brewers have three settings. Each brews a different size cup of coffee, but the smallest setting is also the strongest and the largest the weakest. Many people find, though, that even the largest setting is too strong for them. There's an easy solution to this. First, brew your coffee in the largest setting. Use a big mug. Then, remove the k-cup from the brewing machine. Set the machine to brew again, with no cup in the slot, on the lowest setting. More plain, hot water will be added to your cup, effectively diluting your coffee.

Add Your Milk and Sugar to the Cup, First

Are you tired of creating dirty spoons every time you make a cup of coffee? They can be a lot to wash, particularly if you do not have a dishwasher. You can avoid dirtying a spoon by putting your cream and sugar into the coffee mug before you brew with your k-cup brewer. These brewers send water through the k-cup so forcefully that the cream and sugar get mixed in during the mug-filling process. You don't even have to stir.

Make Iced Coffee by Brewing over Ice

Do you enjoy iced coffee and want a shortcut for making a great cup? First, make yourself some coffee ice cubes by pouring some coffee into ice cube trays and freezing it. Add milk and sugar to these cubes if you like milk and sugar in your coffee. Once the cubes are frozen, use them to fill a mug. Brew your favorite k-cup over the cubes, using the lowest setting. The ice cubes will dissolve, yielding fast and delicious iced coffee that already has cream and sugar in it.

As you can see, k-cup brewers can be pretty versatile. Use yours in the ways mentioned above, and you will really come to appreciate the breadth of what these machines can achieve. 

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