A Unique Dish: Deer Meat For Catered Fitness Events

15 May 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Catering an event should be about more than just offering up a nice assortment of food. That meets the basic expectations of hiring a caterer. Catering should be perceived as something special, and this is doubly true for events catering to health and fitness professionals. When a number of fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, and supplement sellers are in the same hall or attending the same party, the catering really should meet their needs. Adding some exotic meats to the mix wouldn't be a bad idea and could lead to an event becoming very memorable.

Game Meat for Protein

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts do like to eat a healthy dose of protein every day. Chicken, turkey, and beef are the most common meats that people turn to for protein. Deer meat is not exactly a staple among bodybuilder diets. Yet, deer meat has more protein than beef and less saturated fat. Adding some special venison to a catering tray at a party would definitely be welcomed by those looking for something a little different.

Supply the Caterer with the Meat

An obvious stumbling block exists for a party organizer who wishes to serve up deer meat. The average caterer is not likely to stock it. Working with the caterer can help with adding some game meat to a party. Luckily, venison can be ordered online. The meat is shipped frozen and can be delivered to the catering service. Perhaps the service would be willing to do the ordering for the client and simply add the costs to the overall catering fee.

Request a Number of Deer Meals

An enthusiastic caterer could serve up more than just "deer steaks." Deer salads, deer sausages, and more can be made. Simply substituting deer meat for beef or pork is an easy way to make a novel meal. Turkey and chicken hot dogs are a perfect example of substitutes. Imagine how well a little tweak -- and a lot of deer hot dogs -- would be appreciated.

Ask for a Display

Putting out deer meat beside other selections might be a bit deflating. Ask the caterer to highlight the meat on its trays or tables. Adding something as basic as outdoor-style ornaments to the serving table could easily draw positive attention.

Mixing up health and fitness conscious catering with deer meat may be the surprising missing link needed to make a party or event memorable.