Bake A Favorite Cookie Recipe For Your Child's Valentine's Day Party

1 February 2018
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Do you have a favorite sugar cookie recipe that has been in your family for generations and would like to bake some of these treats for your child's impending Valentine's Day party? If so, use the suggestions below to assist with preparing the cookies and transporting them to the classroom for everyone to enjoy. If you are successful with your endeavors, the children will likely rave about the cookies and you will have put a smile on each child's face.

Acquire A Class List And Purchase Ingredients

Contact your child's teacher and ask them if it would be alright for you to bake cookies for the class party. If so, inquire about any allergies that students have so that you can substitute ingredients if needed. Afterward, acquire a list of the students names and purchase ingredients from a grocery store.

Lay out the ingredients on your kitchen counter and ask your child if they would like to help you bake the Valentine's Day treats. Your child can help you mix the batter or use cookie cutters to cut out shapes. After the cookies have baked, use bright-colored icing to write each child's name on one of the cookies. 

Wrap Cookies And Place Them In Small, Decorative Containers

After the icing has hardened, wrap the cookies in plastic wrap. Purchase small, decorative containers to place the cookies in. Heart-shaped boxes or another type of container that is decorated for Valentine's Day will provide the cookies with a festive appearance. If there is extra room inside of the containers, add some small trinkets or pieces of candy for each of the children. Line the bottom of a cloth shopping bag with cushioning before filling the bag with the decorative containers. 

Make Your Grand Entrance At The School

Instead of showing up at the school in normal garb that will not help you stand out, surprise the kids in your child's class by dressing up in a red or pink leotard and affixing large felt or fabric wings to your shoulders. Carry a plastic arrow in one hand and the bag that holds the decorative containers in your other hand.

The children may laugh in surprise when they first see you, since you will be wearing something similar to what a cupid would wear. Hand the bag of treats to the teacher and tell the children that you hope they enjoy what you have prepared for them. Click here to learn more.